About Gracemont Ministries


My Ministry passion is to exposit the Word of God so that the followers of Jesus Christ, those who live by the Holy Spirit, might grow in their faith to walk more fully in the power and ministry of the Holy Spirit.  I invite you to subscribe to my blog or to contact me directly for more information on scheduling a speaking event.  My new book titled Sabbath-In the Presence of Glory will become available soon. CLICK HERE to contact me directly for more information.  The following paragraphs will provide you with an overview of my passion, which under-girds Gracemont Ministries.

First and foremost, my teaching ministry explains the biblical basis for relationship between God and His children, which is predominantly experienced in the realm of the believer’s prayer life as it is revealed in the Word of God. Prayer in any form is not a litmus test for salvation. It is a person’s faith in the person and work of Jesus that saves…Jesus alone…His blood…period! Thus, divine childhood is a positional reality by faith in Jesus, not a relational dynamic. And while position is prerequisite to active relationship, position does not automatically assume active relationship. It is a tragic reality that relationship with God is a stalled reality in the lives of many of God’s children.

Relationship with God is a cooperative walk that is predominantly founded in a believer’s prayer life. But whether to pray and how to pray are choices that God leaves totally up to His children. Nevertheless, God, being Spirit, does have a preference in our choices about prayer. The plainly written biblical truth is that God’s unassisted children simply do not know how to pray God’s will. My teaching ministry is motivated to equip the child of God to grow in his or her respect and trust, the domain of love, for the person of God the Holy Spirit, the One who helps us in our weakness so that we might pray God’s will.

I exercise care to limit my teaching to explanation of the meaning and purposes of the inspired authors of the Holy Scriptures. Like the early church fathers who speculated by a holistic vetting of the meaning and purposes of these gospels and letters to more fully understand God in His trinity relationship and Christ Jesus in His dual natures as fully God and fully man, so also it is my desire and purpose to examine and explain the meaning and purposes of the biblical authors in terms of the person and ministry of God the Holy Spirit.

As believers come to more fully understand God’s Word, their faith will increase to more fully apply His Word in their lives. Thus, my highest ambition is that the believer, being more fully equipped by the Word of God, might then faithfully enjoy increasing measures of intimacy and interaction with God through the help of the Holy Spirit.

Faithful Spirit-empowered prayer is the truest manifestation of the believer’s relationship with a God that is both dove_logotranscendent (holy above and other than the believer, His creature) and imminent (near and relational to the believer, His child). Spirit-empowered prayer always praises and worships Jesus Christ, who is our High Priest to the Father and the Mediator of our Spirit-empowered prayers. Real intimacy and interaction with the one true living God is necessarily a humble and fearful confession of the heart that says, “God is God, and I am not.”

I invite you to join me in examining God’s Word and its application in the lives of God’s children. I would welcome an invitation to partner with you at your church or event to teach the Word of God and its application in the lives of the saints concerning the Lord’s ministry of living water. CLICK HERE for more information.